2017 AGM Roundup

Following the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday last week we now have a new Families and Friends of Blue Gum Committee, consisting of 16 members! (The largest committee in many years):

President: Alex Reale

Vice-President: Simon Geach

Secretary: Toni O’Keefe

Treasurer: Grant Bond

General members:

Beck Bobroff

Katrina Federici

Lucy Alexander

Emma Young

Ali Corlette

Veronica Doerr

Lisa Oxman

Fiona Schulz

Amy Barthet

Emily Stuchbery

Eszter Szabo

Jocelyn Cutler

It is great to see so many members of the community wanting to participate as well as a good mix of the school’s classes being represented on the committee for the coming year.

Just before the voting took place we had the opportunity to hear about plans for the new Hackett preschool campus from Michaeli.

The school’s grant application for a new preschool at the Hackett campus  has been successful. The project team is now busily working toward a start date for building in April 2017. Looking forward, the Dickson and Hackett preschool campuses will work together with Scribbly Bark and Iron Bark to form a new Early Childhood Team which will also work more closely with universities as a centre of research.

Next steps following commencement of building work during April 2017 includes a new enrolment process being developed, the preschool opening for the start of the 2018 school year, and finally will be the welcoming of the Hackett preschool into the Blue Gum community.


Families & Friends of Blue Gum AGM

Annual General Meeting &

Parent Information Session


Join us for our Annual General Meeting, and Term 1 Parent
Information Session, focusing on the plans for our new Hackett

Wednesday 22nd February


Hackett Campus

Everyone is welcome from both the Preschool and Hackett Campuses

We hope to see you there!

2017 Welcome Morning Tea

The holidays are almost over and as we look forward to the start of the school year the Families and Friends of Blue Gum would like to invite you to Blue Gum’s

Welcome Morning Tea

Monday 30th January

from 9am

It is being held in the Hackett Campus Meeting Room next to the front office. Come for a drink, snack and a chat. It’s a great way to reconnect with our Blue Gum community after the long summer break and welcome in all our new parents. We hope to see you there….


Slow Sunday Postponed

You all will have seen Maureen’s notice on Educa about Slow Sunday being postponed to the 26th June due to the bad weather this weekend, up to 70mm tomorrow!
Families and Friends of Blue Gum would like to thank everyone who volunteered to help out and we are hoping that most of you will still be available to help out on the 26th of June.
If you are yet to volunteer but feel like you could help out then we still need people to bake things for the cake stall. It could be cake or cookies or a slice, whatever takes your fancy really. If you are able to help out please email us on ffofbg@gmail.com
Stay dry this weekend!

A successful Term 2 Information Session and General Meeting…..

What a great gathering at the Information Session and General Meeting held on Wednesday night (18/05/16). With guests showing particular interest in the fabulous information session presented by the Blue Gum High School students (past and present).

The High School students provided a personal insight to their experiences across the school year as well as the skills and interests that they have developed. Students discussed the breadth of experiences and opportunities such as intensive community internships that are offered at Blue Gum as well as the close friendships, resilience and capability they have built. Students described some challenges in their transition to the mainstream college system however all felt they were very well prepared for these challenges. In most cases better able to adapt than their peers, which was demonstrated in the many successes that the students have achieved. We thank the High School students for sharing their experiences with us.

Maureen provided us with an update on recent happenings at the school as well as announcing that the new Blue Gum website is up and running – please have a look at the site www.bluegum.edu.act.au and send in your feedback on the new format and information that is now available.

The next General Meeting will be held in Term 3 on Wednesday 10 August 2016.


Slow Sunday 2016

Slow Sunday
Sunday 5th June
11:00am – 1:00pm at the Hackett campus
114 Maitland Street Hackett

Come along and enjoy some Blue Gum magic with activities, performances and a delicious falafel or sausage BBQ! There will also be the ever popular decorate a cupcake stall, a baked goods stall, and somewhere you can sit chat with other Blue Gum parents.


We need your mad baking and grilling skills!!! We need volunteers for the following:

  • Help to set up the stalls (10:30am – 11:00am)
  • Help to serve/cook the BBQ or serve at the cupcake stall (1/2 hour slots between 11am – 1pm)
  • Your baking skills before the day
  • Help to pack up at the end.

If you can help with any of these please contact Families and Friends of Blue Gum at ffofbg@gmail.com
Bring along your friends, family and neighbours. It’s going to be a lot of fun…

Community Snapshot – Invent an Instrument – Review

A small group of Bluegum students and friends joined instrument inventor and composer Dylan Martorell at Hotel Hotel’s Fix and Make series of workshops at the end of April. The ‘tinkering shed’ where it was held happens to be a large open-plan room where provocative piles of reclaimed resources were stacked on the floor. The kids were itching to get into it as soon as they saw the metal bowls,  bicycle wheels, bits of old camp beds and a pair of bionic stilts…

Dylan showed them two robots (made from upturned rice bowls) that had been set up to turn and ‘dong’ with extended arms in various directions and prompted the kids to collect from the stacks of objects the things they thought would make good sounds. There was a rush for the junk and soon there was an interesting cacophony of bangs, clonks and tings. One participant thought to balance a bowl on a cup allowing it to ring out and soon this idea was taken to the extreme with a delicate tower of a blown up balloon topped by a  metallic xylophone note which collapsed as soon as it was struck, but sounded great.

Next, participants were given drumsticks that were powered by linear actuators from a car’s central locking system. These robotic drumsticks could be attached to objects.  When triggered they could be arranged to strike an object and make a sound. The kids were provoked to hunt out good bases and more objects to strike and create as many instruments as they had time for. So, working groups they built towers from folding beds and metallic chairs on to which they attached the drumstick-arms.

Other amazing sounds were made by experimenting with grounding everyday things such as balls of aluminium foil and sweet potatoes to make a sound from Dylan’s computer.

Dylan triggered the drumsticks to strike the arranged objects at differing intervals from a central program on his computer and once the kids were satisfied their work was done (a-hem, we ran just a little overtime) made the robotic orchestra assembled from ‘junk’ play.