About Our School

Blue Gum Community School is a small community-based, secular Independent School offering education programs for 0-16 year olds. Located in Canberra, Australia, Blue Gum is ‘Australian-made’ and named after a robust Australian native eucalyptus tree. Blue Gum adopts a personalised, strengths-based approach to education where every student can be a successful, robust learner. The school has a strong emphasis on creativity, nature and the outdoors, ‘slow’ learning and its Australian context. Our smallness is our strength – students’ individual interests and passions can be explored through limitless learning opportunities. Influential reference points – the Reggio Emilia experience, Big Picture Education, Slow Schooling, Nature Education, Place-Based Education, Positive Psychology etc.

With Blue Gum being a small school all the students and staff know each other well, so they are genuinely interested and concerned for each other. Students have a much greater sense of belonging and their personal ‘uniqueness’ is recognised and valued by others—there is less peer pressure to conform. This means there is also less likelihood of bullying, vandalism and just plain rudeness, so students feel safe and want to go to school.

Check out just how great Blue Gum Community School is on their website here

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