Families and Friends of Blue Gum 

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Blue Gum Community School

Preschool 49 Stockdale Street Dickson ACT 2602

(02) 62573944 (The Cottage) (02) 62573911 (The Bower)

Primary-Middle-High School 114 Maitland Street Hackett ACT 2602

(02) 62306776

President Lisa Oxman
Vice-President  Anna Siebert
Secretary Veronica Doerr
Treasurer Grant Bond
General Members Beck Bobroff
Alex Reale
Lucy Alexander
Emma Young
Ali Corlette
Toni O’Keefe
Simon Geach
Fiona Schulz
Bek Hyland
John Hyland
Eszter Szabo
Jocelyn Cutler
Rosie Cooney
Kylie Sheffield
Katia Connal
Andre Moore

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