Blue Gum Mumma’s Clothing Swap

Just a reminder that the Blue Gum Mumma’s Autumn Clothing Swap is on this weekend!
When: 3 – 5 pm, Saturday 25th March 2017
Where: Rozi’ place (please see the notice on Educa for the address)
Come and go between 3 & 5pm, or stay for the whole thing (no kids, no daddies)
1. Empty your wardrobe of any clothes you no longer wear that are in good condition
2. Include accessories, gently worn shoes & unopened cosmetics
3. Bring your items, yourself and a plate of something to share
4. Swap for new items
5. Items not swapped can be taken to charity, or returned to their owners
RSVP Rozi (Phoebe & Ben’s mum)
If you don’t find time to or don’t need to sort out your wardrobe, you are still welcome to come along and say hello!

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