Meet the new Committee!

Wow, what a fantastic turnout we had at the Term 1 Families and Friends of Blue Gum AGM on Wednesday last week! We got to hear Sophia talk about Blue Gum’s approach to all things Outdoors. Then we had our Annual General Meeting with many people putting their hands up to join the committee.

Introducing your new committee:

President – Alex Reale with Sierra in Scribbly Bark and Roman in the Cottage.

Vice President – Simon Geach with Jasper in Middle School and Lily in Candlebark.

Treasurer – Lis van Papenrecht with Ruby in Middle School.

Secretary – Toni O’Keefe with Myles in Scribbly Bark.

General Members:

Beck Bobroff with Felix in Ironbark and Violet in the Bower.

Dave Pullen with Jarod in High School and Charlie in Middle School.

Katrina Federici with Rhiannon in Candlebark.

Emma Young with Zoe in Candlebark and Isabel in Scribbly Bark.

Ali Corlette with Nadav in Scribbly Bark and Yoni in the Bower.

Frankie Lawe-Davies with Louis in the Cottage.

Amy Yates with Austin in Scribbly Bark.

Veronica Doerr with Zoe in Scribbly Bark.

Lucy Alexander with Toby in Candlebark, Aoife in Scribbly Bark, Lockie in the Cottage and Maya in Playgroup.

As you can see this is our biggest committee in years, 13 dedicated parents. Plus we are lucky enough to have all the classes represented. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for FFBG you should be able to find a committee member that you know.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2016!


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