A Forest of 1000 Mushrooms

A Forest of 1000 mushrooms saved-2

Pre-School’s Community Classrooms have been exploring many of the forests within the National Arboretum throughout 2015. Through their visits they have encountered a plethora of mushrooms and a collection of nests made by magpies using man-made and natural materials. Inspired by and in response to these discoveries the students have been researching birds nests and mushrooms.
Students have been constructing nests with collected materials while their need to safely touch mushrooms has led to the creation of a ‘forest of 1000 mushrooms’, and yes they have made 1000 mushrooms!
After showing the forest of mushrooms to their friends and families, the children are excited to now be exhibiting photographs of their forest of mushrooms at the Arboretum. But the costs of the exhibition are not within the usual pre-school budget. So to help fund their special exhibition, the students are offering to share their mushrooms as a reward!
You can help Blue Gum Preschool raise funds for their ‘Forest of 1000 Mushrooms’ exhibition by going to www.pozi.be/1000mushrooms
Every pledge of $20 will be rewarded with a beautiful, hand-crafted clay mushroom lovingly made by the Blue Gum community. The more you pledge the more mushrooms you will receive!

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