Working Bee Alert!

Come along to the last Working Bee for the year!

Hackett Campus, Saturday 14th November 10am-Midday

We need people and tools to move pebbles and mulch and to wash windows and glass doors.

Specialist Jobs for this Working Bee                                         Tools to bring

Move the white pebbles from behind Artyology to near                             Wheelbarrows
the Zen garden .                                                                                                                     Shovels

Cleaning all the glass (especially all the glass doors).                                      Tools provided

Move remaining mulch from behind Artyology onto garden                      Wheelbarrows
beds (not the veggies beds).                                                                                             Shovels

Cobwebs removed from the outside of Artyology.                                            Tools provided

Freshen up the painted red line on the top of the brick wall                        Tools and
in the front garden – just the section already marked that’s                        materials
adjacent to garden beds/hard surfaces if students fall.                                    provided

Paint a red line along the school kerb near the intersection of                  Tools and
Maitland/Madigan Streets, where it’s dangerous/illegal for                        materials
cars to park when dropping off/collecting children.                                          provided

General Jobs

  1. De-cobweb windows/glass doors
  2. Sweep paths/rake up leaves
  3. General tidying up, e.g. bin lunch wrappers, put chairs into small groups of 3/5 to invite conversations (please do not stack chairs).

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