Working Bee Alert!

Are you free this Saturday morning and in need of a workout? Then come to the Working Bee!!!

22nd August 10am – Midday

There is going to 10m3 of mulch to move!!! So we need lots of man/woman power to make the school grounds beautiful. Please bring along wheelbarrows, mattocks and shovels or just an urge to kill some weeds!

Full Jobs List:

  1. Hooks installed in the back garden shed to hold tools – Sophia to provide drawing of where; plus the hooks.
  1. Rocks dug in to form borders around the garden beds in the front courtyard (outside Ironbark and Scribbly Bark).
  1. Mattock out clumps of weeds and lay weed matting and mulch under the Archway in the back garden.
  1. Dig out/remove the tree that is growing in front of the door to the back garden shed – Sophia will tie something around tree to show which one.
  1. Cobwebs removed from the outside of Artyology.
  1. Clean out the pond in the Zen Garden and leave empty. Options to replace the rusty wire on the garden gate that is the ‘covering’ for the pond? Mulch the garden bed to pond is in.
  1. Freshen up the painted red line on the top of the brick wall in the front garden – just the section already marked that’s adjacent to garden beds/hard surfaces if students fall.
  1. Paint a red line along the school kerb near the intersection of Maitland/Madigan Streets, where it’s dangerous/illegal for cars to park when dropping off/collecting children.
  1. Plant half a dozen trees in various spots around the garden – add planting compost to the soil + mulch.

General tasks –

  1. De-cobweb & wash windows/glass doors.
  2. Sweep paths/rake up leaves.
  3. General tidying up, e.g. bin lunch wrappers; put chairs into small groups of 3/5 to invite conversations (please do not stack chairs!)

It’s going 20 degrees so come on down Saturday morning and lets make our kids playground beautiful together!


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