President’s Report

It has been a very rewarding year and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute in the role of President. I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff at Blue Gum Community school for a truly successful 2015. Your commitment to our children is exceptional and is one of the main reasons we have chosen Blue Gum for their education.

I would like to thank each and every person who has volunteered to help out at the events that Families & Friends of Blue Gum has run or assisted the school to run during 2014/2015. Many hands do make light work when it comes to the BBQ and Cupcake stalls at Slow Sunday, Bunnings BBQ, Welcome Morning Tea, Parent get togethers and the Creative Learning Adventures BBQ.

I also would like to personally thank the small but dedicated crew who turned up at every Families & Friends of Blue Gum committee meeting come fair weather or foul to discuss what was going on at the school and brainstormed about how we could help, because it is the committee’s aim to support the students, staff and families of Blue Gum.

A special thanks Lis for running the very successful Pedal Powered Cinema night FFBG hosted at the Food Co-op in March this year. Over 70 people showed up to share some great food, good conversation and bit of exercise to power the movie. We also learnt that if FFBG runs this event again to shall make sure it is not during daylight savings as the space faces due west!

Another special thanks goes to Tahli for running the sold out Botanic Gardens Twilight Tour in June this year. 21 families rugged up to explore the gardens by torchlight, looking and listening for wildlife and hearing about the plants and animals from our guides.

My last special thanks go to Tiffany our newest and most enthusiastic committee member. She took up the place that was left open when Murray Delahoy had to resign due to conflicting commitments earlier this year. Tiffany has brought with her great fundraising knowledge and because of this FFBG has been successful in receiving two grants so far this year. The first was from the Telstra Kids Fund which was spent on new high quality gardening tools for the Kitchen Garden Program. The second grant was from the Southern Cross Club and will be spent on new library books for both campuses.

But perhaps more importantly FFBG functioned as a forum for the communication between the school administration, staff and parents/caregivers. Parents who attend our meetings are able to gain a greater understanding of the operation, philosophy and management of the school. In turn the staff are able to use the input and feedback from parents and caregivers when formulating school policies and future directions.

One of the things I’ve learnt through the involvement in FFBG is what a mammoth job it is to manage a school, how limited the funding is and how dedicated the teaching staff are. I look forward to the continued partnership between FFBG and the school in 2016.

Beck Bobroff


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