Learning Frontiers

Blue Gum Community School has become involved in Learning Frontiers. Learning Frontiers is a collaborative initiative created to transform teaching and learning so that every student succeeds in an education worth having. The program brings together clusters of schools and other interested parties – ‘design hubs’ – to explore professional practices that increase student engagement in learning. Design hubs explore teaching, learning and assessment practices that are built upon four design principles for engaging learning: connected, co-created, personal and integrated.

You can find out more about it from the Learning Frontiers website.

Blue Gum Community School wants parents to be involved as well. Blue Gum Parents at a Learning Frontiers workshop identified two questions to be researched from a parent’s perspective.

Q1. How can parents feel the same ‘sense of community’ that the students feel?
Q2. How can parents understand your child’s progress/learning, without a ‘grade’?

Do you have an opinion on either or both of these questions? If so please contact Families and Friends of Blue Gum at ffbg@gmail.com or the school directly at school@bluegum.act.edu.au


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