AGM Roundup

After last Wednesday’s Annual General Meeting we now have a new Families and Friends of Blue Gum Committee, consisting of:

President: Beck Bobroff (with Felix in Scribbly Bark and Violet in Playgroup)

Vice-President: Katrina Federici (with Ehlana in High School and Rhiannon in Flame Trees)

Secretary: Matthew Hall (with Ariella in Middle School and Katarina in Coolabah)

Treasurer: Dave Pullen (with Jarod in Middle School and Charlie in Coolabah)

Other committee members:

Brad Dalton (with Mya in Flame Trees)

Tahli Fenner (with Lyell in Ironbark and Anwen in Pre-School)

Murray Delahoy (with Nicola in Middle School)

Lis van Papenrecht (with Ruby in Coolabah)

It’s great to see such a broad cross-section of the school’s classes represented on the committee for the coming year!

After the voting was finished and the usual opportunity to chat with Maureen Hartung we were treated to a presentation by Sophia Williams on Why Outdoor Education is an essential element of Blue Gum’s Philosophy/Curriculum. A copy of the handout we received is in this weeks bulletin. Here is an excerpt:

“Every year, each class of students and educators at Blue Gum Community School embarks on an extended Outdoor Education adventure. It is a rich experience for students, offering them an authentic context for meaningful learning and personal growth. The adventures are designed to include elements of serious challenge alongside significant time for reflection and relationship-building; to introduce students to new experiences beyond their ‘comfort zone’; and to trigger powerful and joyful engagement in just being with their Class community.”

I must say as a parent of young children it was fantastic to hear about all the outdoor education camps and the manner in which they are run that my kids have to look forward to in the coming years. This talk cemented for me one of the main reasons I send my kids to this amazing school and that is the way the school views and treats their students.

Blue Gum’s 3 C’s and 3 R’s approach to education is such a respectful way of treating children (or anyone for that matter). I remember my public school camp experiences and I must say they were very different from what our kids are experiencing. I wish that Blue Gum had been around when I was growing up! The authentic learning our kids are exposed to on these camps is wonderful and the appreciation of nature and the skills they learn whilst away from their families is immeasurable. It was great to hear about how the camps are tailored to each class/age group. With each progressive camp the students outdoor/camping skills will be grown and challenged not to mention their confidence and friendships.

If you unable to attend this talk I strongly recommend coming to the next FFBG meeting in Week 4 of Term 4 to find out what they are like. The subject will be different but I imagine just as enlightening and enjoyable as this and previous ones.


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