Working Bee this Saturday

That’s right it’s Week 5 already which means its Working Bee time! Come along and help out this Saturday the 31st of May from 10am – Midday and help make our children’s school environment beautiful. Both Campuses are having their working bees and we need lots of work done as usual.  The jobs list/sign-up sheet is already available for your perusal on the sign-in table in both rooms at Pre-school. As for the Hackett campus Lis will have a list of jobs to be done and sign in sheet on the day. Don’t forget to sign in on Saturday so that the school knows your family has attended a working bee this semester.

It’s so important to show up for these working bees as Blue Gum needs our help in maintaining our children’s engaging school grounds. Blue Gum Community School doesn’t ask for much of our time only 2 hours per semester, so if you couldn’t make it in Term 1 make sure you attend this one. Working Bees can be a great work out and the kids can help out or just have a play. Also you can catch up with other parents or maybe even make some new friends. Lets take care of and improve our school grounds and our parent community. So come on down this Saturday we’d love to see you there!


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