Meetings for 2014

Welcome to Blue Gum Community School for 2014!

Families and Friends of Blue Gum (FFBG) is the collective body of parents and carers at Blue Gum Community School (often called the P&C in other school communities). FFBG hold meetings once a term which start at 7.30pm at the Hackett campus meeting room. All parents and carers of currently enrolled students at Blue Gum Community School are welcome to attend.

The dates for 2014 are:
Term 1: Wednesday 26 February
Term 2: Wednesday 21 May
Term 3: Wednesday 13 August (annual general meeting)
Term 4: Wednesday 5 November

These meetings provide an opportunity for parents and carers to find out more about the educational philosophies that guide the Blue Gum educational approach, be updated on current events, ask questions and provide feedback to the Blue Gum Executive Director (Maureen Hartung) and the FFBG committee.

A typical meeting will generally include an update from the FFBG President, a parent information session on a particular topic and a question and answer session with Maureen Hartung the school’s Executive Director. The parent information session starts at about 8.00pm, so feel free to come at that time if you are unable to come at 7.30pm. We aim to finish by 9.00pm.

Please note that the Committee is committed to ensuring the focus of meetings is on communication – so don’t be afraid that if you attend you’ll be press ganged into taking on jobs!!


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