President’s and Treasurer’s Reports 2013

President’s Report

This year started with a renewal of interest and enthusiasm with a committee of 11 – enough to field a soccer or cricket team!  The diversity of opinions, skills and experience has been a great asset.

Governance and Communication

The committee invested a lot of time discussing and thinking about what the group’s purpose was, and as a result changed our name, our objectives, and our constitution.  Feedback from members was that ‘Friends of Blue Gum’ did not clearly enough indicate who the membership was – the parents and carers of Blue Gum students.  Hence, the addition of Families to our name.  The objectives in the constitution were also rewritten to better reflect the purpose of FFBG (listed at the end of this document).  Administrative procedures and membership arrangements were also simplified, with all parents and carers automatically members.

Another important change has been the structure of the meetings held on the Wednesday in week 4 of each term that are open to all parents and carers of Blue Gum students.  As in the past the meetings provide an opportunity to ask Maureen questions, and provide feedback to the committee on any issues.  However they now routinely include a parent information session facilitated by Blue Gum educators.  The topic covered in Term 1 was Challenging Behaviour – Why problem-solving not praise, is the best strategy.  In Term 2 the topic covered was Bullying – what bullying is and isn’t – Blue Gum’s approach/response.  These topics were also covered again in lunchtime sessions to provide parents and carers unable to get away in the evenings an opportunity to attend.  Any suggestions for topics are very welcome and can be put to any committee member, your Class Parent Liaison, Blue Gum educators or to Maureen.  We want to know what you want to know more about!

The FFBG website (our blog) has also been a major achievement and we hope will become a major tool for communication with the school community.  We encourage all parents and carers to add their email address to the site so they can be updated about events and important information.


FFBG has been involved in four events this past year, the largest of these being the incredibly successful Art Market held in October 2012 which resulted in a huge financial profit and just as importantly a huge building of social capital.  The building of links with local and international artists, and the new links forged within the Blue Gum community were priceless.  As you will probably be aware, the financial profit of over $5,000 was used to purchase and install a kiln which has been a tremendous asset to both the Dickson and Hackett campuses.

Slow Sunday, held in September 2012 and a regular spring event on the Blue Gum calendar, is another great opportunity for families to celebrate and share the joy of learning.  FFBG organised the BBQ and the ever popular decorate a cup cake stall.

At the start of the school year FFBG again hosted the Hackett campus Welcome Morning Tea, which was attended by over 25 families.  It was a great opportunity for parents just starting their Blue Gum journeys at the primary school to get to know other parents at various stages in their Blue Gum journeys.

A spotlighting adventure held in late May at the National Botanic Gardens had an incredible turnout of 67 people who got to walk around the Gardens at night with torches looking and listening for wildlife and hearing about the plants and animals.  The evening ended with a hot chocolate and a biscuit and more sharing of experiences and knowledge.  FFBG plans to host similar events with a strong nature based focus in the future.  Suggestions for future events are always welcome.

Future Directions

A topic of discussion that arose in Term 2 in 2012 has been acknowledging and engaging with the Indigenous people, culture and heritage of our region.  The committee is currently investigating ways to make this happen.  If you are interested in being involved or have some ideas or contacts please contact Dave Pullen

We have been allocated Saturday 16 November to run the BBQ at Bunnings Belconnen, so please put it in your diary!  This is a lucrative fund raising opportunity, but requires a minimum of five people to man the stall at any one time.  The committee is currently working with Maureen and the Blue Gum educators to identify a project on which the profits can be put towards.

FFBG recently joined APFACTS – this is the association representing parents and friends organisations for independent and Catholic schools in the ACT.  They are consulted regularly by government on a range of issues, and we will be advocating to include the Blue Gum perspective.

Special Thanks

While all members of the committee made valuable contributions, a few in particular deserve special mention –

  • Murray Delahoy who managed the process of changing our constitution;

  • Beck Bobroff who taught herself the skills she needed to put up the FFBG Blog, and has been managing the look and content of the site;

  • Andre Moore who wrote the first draft of our new objectives which set us in the right direction, and who also organised the hugely successful and popular spotlighting event at the Botanic Gardens;

  • Beck Bobroff, Sarah Barnes and Dave Pullen who have put in hard yards getting a new logo design to accommodate our new name;

  • Leith Felton-Taylor, while not a member of the committee, provided amazing leadership in managing the Blue Gum Art Market.  Although many people were involved, Leith deserves special mention as the driving force behind actually making it happen!

With new governance arrangements now bedded down and the website in place we look forward to the coming year for even greater achievements.

On behalf of the FFBG Committee

Lis van Papenrecht


Families and Friends of Blue Gum

Coordinating community involvement inside and outside Blue Gum Community School

FFBG Objectives

The objectives of Families and Friends of Blue Gum are to:

(a)    Represent the collective interests of Blue Gum families within Blue Gum Community School and in the wider community;

(b)    Assist Blue Gum families, friends and the wider community to understand and support the Blue Gum education philosophy;

(c)    Support and organise activities, including fundraising, aimed at enhancing the students’ experience at Blue Gum Community School; and

(d)    Foster a strong Blue Gum community through initiatives that connect Blue Gum families and friends with each other, and with the wider community, including community and business organisations and governments.

Treasurer’s Report

Financial Year 2012 – 2013

Families and Friends of Blue Gum (FFBG) participated and assisted in a number
of activities in association with the Blue Gum Community School and within the
Blue Gum community. Two major school events were undertaken during the 2012‐ 2013 Financial Year were Slow Sunday in September 2012 and the Art Market in October 2012. In addition to these events, we ran a Botanic Gardens night excursion for Blue
Gum families.
The FFBG also supported the end of the year concert where we manned a stall
for the school promoting Blue Gum t‐shirts and where we sold chips and drinks
to the patient families and supporters. Most of the gifts for the teachers for the end of the year were managed by the individual classes through the CPLs. FFBG supported this process by funding the purchase of baskets and some plants.
Slow Sunday made a small profit for FFBG with some of these funds going back
to the school through the purchase of the kiln. The Art Market was a great success, with FFBG making $5,822.65. All the money plus approximately a further $300 was used to cover the cost of running this event as well as the purchase, delivery and installation of the kiln. The kiln was donated by the FFBG to Blue Gum Community School.
The Botanic Gardens night excursion was a great success with 68 people from
families of Blue Gum attending. All money raised during this event was used
for funding the entrance fees and the night time guides.
Overall for the 2012‐13 Financial Year, the FFBG had a great result and the
FFBG made a loss of $2810.70, which included the writing off of the some
assets valued at $2,748.05. The write off is not cash related and therefore no
impact on bank account of FFBG. The amount of loss FFBG made, not including
the writing off of the assets was $62.65.

Profit & Loss
Events:                                     Income            Expenses              Net Profit
Slow Sunday                            $ 780.95          $ 286.09                $494.80
Art Market                                 $5,822.65        $1,782.67
Purchase of the Kiln                                         $4,282.74             ($242.84)
Botanic Garden Excursion       $ 612.00           $ 612.00                     ‐
Gifts                                          $ 82.10             $ 396.85              ($314.75)
Net                                           $7,297.70         $7,360.35            ($ 62.65)

The majority of revenue is from sale of artwork, food and beverages.
Total income received is: $7,297.70

Expenses recorded this year were mainly for the purchase, delivery and
installation of the kiln, purchase of items associated with the art market and
the purchase of food and beverages. FFBG also wrote off all the assets owned
by FFBG (Compost Bins, FFBG Sofa and a Projector) valued at $ 2,748.05 when
purchased (2006 and 2007). The write off is not cash related and therefore no
impact on bank account of FFBG.

Major breakdown of expenses is as follows:
Advertisement                                           $ 247.43
Food and Beverages                                 $ 467.77
Purchase of Gifts                                      $ 189.75
Materials and Supplies                              $ 1,231.24
Music/ Entertainment                                 $ 612.00
Stationary                                                   $ 27.82
Donations                                                   $ 4,282.74
Depreciation                                               $ 2,748.05
Other                                                          $ 301.60
Total Expenses                                        $ 10,108.40

Total Expenses of $ 10,108.40 was paid out, including the writing off of the
assets FFBG owned (Compost Bins x 2 purchased in 29/09/2006 from
Perroplas, FFBG Sofa purchased in 18/01/2007 from Andrew’s Furniture World
and a Projector purchased in 27/11/2007 from Discount Audiovisual), valued at
$ 2,748.05 when purchased.
A Profit and Loss statement showing income received and expenses incurred
for the 2012‐13 financial year is attached.

Balance Sheet
Cash                              Opening Balance              Movement            Closing Balance
Petty Cash                     $ 133.13                            ($ 35.37)              $ 97.76
Cheque Account            $2,278.60                          ($ 77.37)              $2,201.23
Total Cash                    $2,411.73                           ($112.74)             $2,298.99

The FFBG has a balance of $2,201.23 in the cheque account and $97.76 in
petty cash for use by the committee. The opening balance in 2012‐13 held funds of $50 which were due to be paid out for expenses associated with payment of the teachers’ 2011 end of year gift. As at 30th June 2013 there are no outstanding payments.
Other Assets of the FFBG are:
There are currently no assets of Property & Equipment owned by FFBG as all
assets (a projector, sofa & compost bins) purchased in 2006 and 2007 were
written‐off to a nil value (as per the ATO depreciation schedule‐ attachment A)
As at 30th June 2013 there are no outstanding liabilities.
Total Equity of FFBG is $2,298.99.
Osnat Oren, Treasurer


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