Planting Bee

Before the weather gets too much colder, the Hackett Campus wants to get their newly renovated backyard planted. The school has designed a native Australian garden full of harvestable flowers, foliage and seed pods, to entice students’ interest and imagination. Greening Australia has kindly donated 50 plants to get us on our way.

The School is inviting families to come and get involved in the planting. You can also donate a plant (plant list below) to add to the emerging landscape, if you wish.

Tuesday the 7th May 9am to 3:30pm at the Hackett Campus

They will be set up out the back all day. (or as long as it takes to plant everything!) So come along with a shovel (or borrow ours); donate an extra plant from the attached list (only), if you wish; and get digging!

Our garden vision is to have a native garden space that invites children to come and explore, watch the birds and butterflies visit and harvest the leaves, flowers and nuts for natural investigation.

Below is a collection of plant families that we would love to see in our garden space. We ask that when making your selection you DO NOT select any TREES. We have a few of these selected already and there will not be room for anymore. Instead we welcome donations of shrubs, ground covers and grasses.

Tea Trees, Bottle Brushes, Native Grasses, Proteas, Banksias, Grevilleas (non spiky variety), Eriostemon, Flannel Flowers, Croweas, Hakeas, Wax Flowers, Waratahs, Kunzeas, Everlasting Daisies, Rock Daisies, Kangaroo Paws, Correas, Westringias.


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