Extraordinary General Meeting

On Wednesday the 27th of February at 7:30pm there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting held at the Hackett Campus to vote on changes to the constitution
(to be held in conjunction with the General Term 1 meeting)

Change of name to “Families and Friends of Blue Gum”
At the Friends of Blue Gum Committee meeting held on Tuesday 27 November, the committee proposed that the parents and carers of Blue Gum students be asked to vote on a change of the name of the organisation to Families and Friends of Blue Gum. The committee feels that this better reflects the composition of the membership, and therefore better communicates the membership and purpose of the group. While the name change needs to be ratified by the membership, the committee proposes for operational reasons that the new name be informally adopted at the start of 2013, unless serious objections are received.

Changes to the objectives
To build on the change in name, the committee is also proposing that the objectives in the constitution be amended. The current and proposed objectives are provided below for your consideration.

 Current objectives (as in the constitution)
1. promote and support the community focus of Blue Gum Community School;
2. assist Blue Gum Community School with community-focused grant applications, building projects and equipment;
3. promote and share Blue Gum Community School’s education philosophy with the wider community;
4. facilitate partnerships between Blue Gum Community School and community and business organisations;
5. sponsor specific events and activities that assist Friends of Blue Gum in fulfilling its aims and objectives.

Proposed objectives
1. Represent the collective interests of Blue Gum families within Blue Gum Community School and in the wider community;
2. Assist Blue Gum families, friends and the wider community to understand and support the Blue Gum education philosophy;
3. Support and organise activities, including fundraising, aimed at enhancing the students’ experience at Blue Gum Community School; and
4. Foster a strong Blue Gum community through initiatives that connect Blue Gum families and friends with each other, and with the wider community, including community and business organisations and governments.

We encourage you to attend and have your say!


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