The Blue Gum Chooks need you help!

Hello lovely Blue Gum families

If you have any spare pieces of shade cloth, we need it NOW.

We are going to give the chooks some much needed shade until the plants grow.   Can you please bring any pieces of spare shade cloth to the school at drop off or pick up this week and leave it in the new planter boxes outside the chook shed.

Post-working bee Pizza Party!

Saturday 7th November Midday Onwards

There’s actually going to be a working bee this term! Saturday 7th November from 10am till midday at both campuses. So bring the kids and come help us beautify the school grounds.

Following the working bee Families and Friends of Blue Gum is hosting an end-of-year pizza party in the front garden at the Hackett campus. Pizza and drinks will be provided, just bring your own water bottle. We hope that everyone from the Dickson campus will also come up and join us.

All Welcome!!!

Mango Drive

The Families and Friends of Blue Gum are having a Mango Drive!

The mangoes are Bowen Special Mangoes (aka Kensington Pride) Approximately 7kg of Mangoes per tray. The number of Mangoes per tray depends on the size of the fruit.

One tray costs $25, and will be delivered to Blue Gum Hackett Campus. We are aiming for a delivery date in the second last or last week of school. The actual date for you to pick up your mangoes will be emailed to you.

We need a minimum of 64 trays ordered.

If you would like to place an order: Please direct deposit the correct amount into the Families and Friends of Blue Gum bank account (details on the flyer sent out in the Newsletter and by your CPL) and send a receipt email to Please include your name, the number of trays ordered, your email and your phone number.

Please place orders by Friday 23 October

Note: feel free to forward this to a family member, friend or work colleague. For them to order, ask them to make a direct deposit to FFBG bank account, and include the details:- The person who send the flyer to them (aka: Blue Gum Contact; the number of trays ordered & their own email & phone number

The more mangos the better! And remember mangos freeze well.

Last minute call out for gardeners

Good evening Blue Gum families

Apologies for the late notice but Amy Barthet, the play group and gardening educator, has asked if there are any parents available to help with some gardening this Friday (4 September), starting at around 3.30/3.45pm.

Amy has ordered some soil for the native garden they are planting near Playgroup, with it arriving tomorrow. She’s hoping some parents could assist help dig in the soil to give the garden the best chance of thriving.

If you are able to help, please email, and the FFBG Committee will get the information to Amy.

APFACTS online event – Recharge our Family Joy

image001Never has there been a more poignant time to run this event! 2020 has been tough and APFACTS acknowledges this and has been looking for ways to help stressed families.

As such we are so proud to present an online event. Over 3 evenings our presenters Wendy Marman and Patricia Falcetta are going to help us “Recharge our Family Joy”

Tickets are free but you must reserve your spot.

Sessions are on the 3rd, 10th & 17th of September at 7.30pm from the comfort of your home through Zoom.

We encourage you to share this with your school parent network and we look forward to seeing you there.


APFACTS (The Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools) has been asked to present to the Legislative Assemblies Select committee on the Covid-19 response.

To prepare for this, they would really appreciate your feedback on how well you feel our school pulled it all together in response to COVID-19, what might have been missing, any confusion you experienced in messages from government … everything!

They’ve asked families to consider completing the 2 minute survey below before THIS FRIDAY in time for their meeting.

Supporting our kids, a call for clothing donations, and iso-holiday activities

We hope you and your families are faring well and have been able to remain positive in these unusual times.

If you are looking for ideas on how best to support your children during this period, including how to talk to them about COVID-19, information is available from the Commonwealth Department of Health, the ACT Department of Education, and UNICEF.

Iso-holiday activities

Since we have all been asked to stay at home these holidays, we thought we might share some ideas for iso-holiday activities for the second week of the holidays:

Do you know that you can:

Have you seen that:

Of course, given that it’s important to stay active, did you know that you can also:

And, of course, there’s lot of offline fun to be had, including:

Have you come across any other good ideas that you could share in the comments?

A Call for Donations to our Clothing Pool

Another perfect activity while you are staying at home is a big declutter. If any families in our school community do plan to do a spring autumn clean while spending more time at home, please consider whether some of your hand-me-downs might be useful for the school community.

In the FFBG committee, we have been exploring the idea of creating a clothing pool. Essentially, this would be a collection of waterproof pants, raincoats, gum boots, thermals, winter jackets – all those types of items that BG kids need, especially for camp and exploring the mountain and school garden – as well as potential concert clothes (e.g. black pants and black shirts seem to be needed pretty much every year for at least one class).

So, if you come across any of these kids of clothing items over the next little while, could you please consider setting them aside for the clothing pool? We just ask that you keep them with you at home for a little while longer, and then we will provide guidance on the next steps when the isolation period has finished.

Term Two

It is going to be a really different term 2 for the Blue Gum Community. There will be some disappointment (such as with cancelled camps). However, there is also so much potential for growth – for our children, for ourselves, and for the broader Blue Gum community. We have amazing educators, a very innovative school, and our families will be well supported for term 2 and the rest of the year, whatever it may look like.

If you are looking for some guidance around how to support your children in learning from home, here are some tips from the University of Melbourne and in The Conversation. The importance of structure (while remaining flexible) and taking the time to establish a good learning environment seem to be common themes.

And, of course, let’s keep supporting each other.

Post working bee pizza!


Well deserved pizza lunch after a morning of spreading mulch at the working bee on Saturday. Thanks to the all the volunteers parents and students who made the place look amazing!
Remember next time to leave a bit of time at the end of the working bee to have a slice of pizza and finish those conversations started while on the job!

AGM 2020

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 11th March at 7:30pm

Hackett Campus Meeting Room in Maitland House 

Followed by a presentation from Sophia Williams about the new lighting equipment purchased for the school by Families & Friends of Blue Gum

Have you ever thought about how you could help out or be more involved with Blue Gum? This is your opportunity! We are looking for enthusiastic parents to join our committee to lend their energy and expertise.

Unlike other school committees ours exists to create connections and support the Blue Gum community. Volunteers for the committee need to be available for all our meetings which are held at 7:30pm at the Hackett campus, a couple of nights a term (Monday of week 2, Wednesday of week 6). We are also creating a ‘helpers list’ for parents who want to help out with events we run but can’t commit to an ongoing position on the committee.

The Roles:

  1. The President keeps us organised, runs the meetings and liaises with Maureen (Blue Gum’s managing director).
  2. The Vice-President supports the president and stands in for them if they are unwell.
  3. The Secretary takes the minutes at all our meetings and keeps the paperwork up to date.
  4. The Treasurer is in charge of the money – maintains our float, banks our takings and reimburses people.
  5. General members will be required to give their opinion on a range of topics, raise any issues they have or have heard of and help out with any events we run.

ALL WELCOME, we hope to see you there!